What are the types of disability vehicle adaptations?

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For the most part, vehicles are built without regard to the possibility that their doors may have to be changed for someone who has limited use of his or her limbs. If these doors are part of the vehicle’s original equipment, they will rarely, if ever, be modified for those with significant physical impairments.

It’s easy to add modifications that don’t require much of an investment. For example:

Custom Wheel Installation

Included with almost any model, a car dealer can have nearly any wheel type installed as long as they are the original factory unit.

Tailgating and Running Boards

Adding a tailgate or running boards to any type of vehicle is fairly inexpensive. Tailgates and running boards are also available in different styles, colors, and materials to help match the customer’s style of the vehicle.

Wheelchair Lift Installation

Wheelchairs and other types of seating units can be modified for people with limited use of their legs or other limbs. When installed correctly, it will look almost like any other vehicle. They also create better room-clearing situations when entering and exiting the car. For wheelchair lift installation, many manufacturers have come out with lifts that are installed for free or fairly inexpensive. They can make wheelchair access to a car or truck much easier and safer.

Brakes, Steering, and Tires Modifications

Modifying brakes, steering, and tires to match the person’s capabilities are easy, can be done quickly, and is usually done without requiring a mechanic at the dealership.


Bumpers can be easily modified to match the dimensions of someone’s car’s interior. They can also be easily installed and removed without requiring any modification to the vehicle.

Folding Chairs

Manufacturers have come up with many designs for folding chairs. They can be made to look like a regular chair when not in use.

Most people with physical disabilities have purchased, or will purchase, custom wheels for their vehicle that will not match any already provided.

These customized wheels come in many designs. The most common design is a rim with a few spokes, but they also come in other shapes, including square and oval-shaped rims.

The next thing to consider is whether the person with special needs would like a new set of rims. After that, the designer must determine whether the wheel will be installed in the vehicle. The design must also give the wheelchair the proper clearance. It will increase the length and height of the wheelchair. If these are not desired, they may cause problems while driving the vehicle.

Custom-designed rims would increase the expense of the vehicle. They would also require the person to buy a set wheel. This is less expensive than having a customized set. Most wheelchairs can easily be removed from the vehicle and replaced. Special tools are necessary to remove them.

For one with severe disabilities, the wheels can be purchased in advance. The designer can plan for this when planning wheelchair and wheelchair lifts.

A few wheelchairs come in a box that is made for easy mounting to the vehicle. The wheelchair is set up, and the mounting plate is fastened to the vehicle’s frame.

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