Things You Should Avoid After Your Full Meal

white plates with assorted foods

It’s important to have a healthy lifestyle and not overeat, but it’s equally important not to do anything that will make you feel worse in the long run.

We all know the feeling of being stuffed after a meal. You’re so full that you can’t imagine eating another bite, but there are still some things that might be tempting to do after your big dinner. If you want to avoid going back for seconds or wasting food, read on and learn about what not to do right after finishing your plate!

Drinking coffee or tea

While caffeinated drinks can be helpful for a quick boost of energy, they are not recommended after your meal. Caffeine is known to cause heartburn in some people and may lead to an uncomfortable feeling that prevents you from enjoying the rest of the evening.


Avoid sleep after eating because it will make digestion less effective and may lead to stomach aches. If possible, try not to do anything else for 2 hours afterward either; this is how long food takes on average before being fully digested from your system, since that’s when enzymes are most active in breaking down what was eaten.


Smoking slows digestion and may increase acid reflux. It also has the potential to produce a burning sensation in your stomach that can last for hours. If you do smoke, it’s best to avoid doing so after eating. Smoking is known to slow digestion, which means it will take longer for your body to digest what you just ate – not good for heartburn.

Taking a shower

A number of people are not aware that one should avoid showering after a meal. This is because it can remove the oils on your skin and hair, which will make you drier and result in itchiness or irritation.

Work out

Don’t work out right after you eat. It’s best to wait at least an hour, but preferably two hours, before exercising. After a meal, the stomach area is already very full and any additional movement or activity could cause discomfort for your body that would lead to having trouble breathing properly or an upset stomach with possible vomiting if it lasts too long of a time period without relief from digestion activities.

Eating fruits

It’s not sinful to indulge in fruit after a full meal. But be mindful if you like your fruity desserts, as eating them right away can have negative consequences on the body. Different types of enzymes are needed for digestion when it comes to fruits and steak dinners – so eat up!

These are some small things you can do for yourself to feel better after eating a full meal. It’s important not to overeat, but it is equally important to leave room for what comes next in your day and not make the mistake of doing anything that will hinder your ability to be productive or happy. Remember these tips so that you don’t regret what happens later on!