Quick Cleaning for Your Small Kitchen Appliances

white and brown wooden kitchen cabinet

Many small kitchen appliances, like a microwave or refrigerator, are small enough to fit in small kitchens. However, these small items can get pretty dirty. How do you clean them? The answer is really simple – with some soap and water! Find out how to quickly clean your small kitchen appliances and keep them looking new.

Microwave Ovens

You might think your microwave is perfectly clean, but you’ll never know until you try this quick trick. Fill a microwave-safe container with at least one cup of water and turn on the power so that it reaches boiling for about ten minutes. Once done, let it stay in there without opening the door (or take off any lids) for 15 or more minutes to allow all of those sticky bits inside to soften up – then wipe them away easily!

white microwave oven on brown wooden kitchen cabinet


Your toaster might seem small, but it can often get pretty dirty. Cleaning a small appliance like this usually only takes a few minutes – find out how right here! Your first step is to unplug the toaster from the wall and take all the crumbs and small bits off of the top tray. Grab a damp cloth that’s been wrung out really well and press it against the toaster slots for about 30 seconds. Next, grab a small bowl or small glass with water in it and use it to wash over the outside of the crumb catcher (there should be small groves in there) with some dish soap. Finally, scrub your warming tray with your soapy water before using it cleanly!

stainless steel bread toaster on brown wooden table

Waffle makers, electric grills, or panini presses

Waffle makers, electric grills, or panini presses all have nonstick surfaces. To preserve the finish and prevent cross-contamination from food bacteria, there are a few ways to ensure that your small kitchen appliances stay clean. Immediately after using, unplug the appliance. Wet several paper towels with hot water or dish soap solution and use metal tongs as you wipe down the grill or press to loosen food particles. When it is completely cool, mix one cup of warm water with a drop or two of dishwashing liquid into a dampening cloth before wiping the entire surface, including outside surfaces on the nonstick option- don’t scrub! Finally, rinse well with water.

pancake maker

Coffee makers

The coffee maker’s job is a lot more than just brewing the perfect cup of joe. It also needs to eliminate any bacteria that may be lurking so as not to mess with your taste buds or jeopardize health in general. What can you do? Fortunately, small coffee maker cleaning isn’t too hard to do! All you need is a small pot of water, dish soap, or baking soda, and ten minutes to spare. First, place the small pot on top of the coffee maker. Then fill it with water or baking soda, but don’t turn it on yet. Finally, wait for 10 minutes before turning off the small appliance and wiping away any dirt from the surface of the small appliance.

black and silver coffee maker

Blenders, Food Processors or Juicers

If your small kitchen appliances like a blender or food processor are small enough to go in small kitchens, then they’re going to be small enough for small messes from time to time. When you’re done with your blender or juicer, rinse it out and fill it up halfway. Add dishwashing liquid to the mix. Let it whirl inside the appliance cup until everything has been mixed well (about 15-30 seconds). Empty this into a sink while discarding any leftover food particles in there too! Next, separate all parts from each other so that they can get cleaned individually without getting cross-contaminated with another part’s previous dirtiness (this is especially important if one blade got stuck on some kale!). Rinse them thoroughly under running water before drying off completely using cloths or paper towels. Unplugging appliances after cleaning also prevents accidental turnings during storage.

blender filled with avocado

Stand or Portable Mixers

One of the most important kitchen appliances in a small space is your stand or handheld mixer. Mixers are an essential part of any home cook, but it can be scary when food particles get stuck on and around these blades. There’s more than one way to clean them, though! One idea that may work best involves filling up a bowl with warm water and dish soap, then turning the mixers on at full blast for 15 seconds until all food comes off easily (but do not leave this going too long!). Another option is to take apart each piece completely by handwashing them carefully with hot soapy water before reassembling everything after they’re dry again – as recommended by their manufacturer if you have access to such information.

person pouring egg yolks on white stand mixer

A clean kitchen is a happy one! If you have the right appliances, it’s easy to keep your small appliance squeaky-clean. With just a few small tips and tricks, you’ll find that your small kitchen is clean in no time!