How You Can Improve Your Hair Growth with Food

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Diet is a key factor in keeping skin and hair healthy. The foods people eat can impact the growth, strength, and volume of their hair. In order to have beautiful-looking locks, it’s important to start by improving your scalp health through diet.

Healthy hair can lead to a healthy body. When you have proper nutrition, your body will be strong and vibrant enough to fight off disease. You’ll also be less likely to suffer from hair loss as a result of the following:

Hair grows from the roots so if you want strong and voluminous strands then focus on making healthier choices when eating as this will improve blood flow to your follicles which contributes greatly towards proper nutrient absorption for increased elasticity that leads us back into having fabulous luscious hair.

Here is some healthy food for hair growth that you should consider adding to your diet:


Eggs are a great source of protein and full of healthy fats. These two benefits make eggs an important part of your diet if you want healthy hair. They contain vitamin D and choline, which are both important for healthy skin and nails. Choline is also an essential nutrient that contributes to healthy cell membranes, the maintenance of lipids, and liver function.

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Dark green leafy greens like spinach and kale

Seems like a strange pick for healthy hair, but spinach and kale are full of iron, which means that they help you maintain healthy blood. Iron deficiency leads to hair loss and patchiness in your scalp.

Red bell peppers

These are a good source of vitamin C, which helps with the production of collagen. Collagen is what keeps your hair and nails healthy, so eating foods rich in vitamin C plays a major role in keeping not only your hair, but all of your skin healthy.

Walnuts and almonds

Rich in vitamin E, zinc, and protein, nuts are a great snack that provides your body with much-needed nutrients. If you’re planning to grow out your hair, nuts can help keep it healthy and shiny. These nutrients promote the production of collagen, which can promote hair health.


Just like spinach and kale, broccoli is chock-full of iron. Iron deficiency is known to promote hair loss, so eating foods rich in iron like broccoli can promote healthy hair growth. Along with iron, broccoli is a great source of vitamins C and E.

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Beans are rich in protein, fiber, and other important minerals that contribute to both a healthier diet and healthier hair. When combined with vegetables high in biotin and vitamin C, beans are a great source of nutrients that promote hair growth.


Avocados are a great way to grow healthy hair thanks to their vitamins E and B, protein content, and bonuses of providing your body with beauty-boosting fatty acids. Eating foods rich in vitamin E can lead to healthier and stronger hair.

Cinnamon and turmeric

There’s a reason that curry from India is so delicious, it’s because of the spices! While these two are great for curries, they promote healthy hair growth as well. Cinnamon and turmeric help to promote blood flow through your body, a necessary process for healthy hair growth.

Garlic and onions

These two are great for promoting hair growth thanks to the vitamin B that they promote, as well as their sulfur content. Sulfur contributes to the production of keratin which gives your hair its structure and helps promote growth.

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Drinking water is a really important part of healthy hair growth. Of course, you’ve heard this time and again, but it’s because it’s so important. Skin and hair are mostly made of water, so it’s essential to keep the body hydrated. Also, drinking enough water is an essential part of the hair growth process. It helps your body get rid of harmful toxins and other junk, and it helps with nutrient absorption as well.

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Fatty Fish

Fatty fish is a great source of vitamin D and omega 3s. Vitamin D is essential in promoting the growth of healthy hair, as well as nails and skin. Omega 3 fatty acids help promote a healthier scalp and better hair growth thanks to their inflammation-reducing properties. Fish like tuna, salmon, and trout are all excellent sources of omega fatty acids and vitamin D.

Foods high in antioxidants

Antioxidants are especially helpful for your hair. One of the biggest stresses on your body is pollution, which affects all types of cells in your body.

The antioxidant helps to reduce the effects of pollution and keep your hair looking shiny and healthy thanks to its vitamin content. Examples of foods that have antioxidants are vitamin C-rich berries and vitamin E-rich leafy greens.

Sweet Potatoes

These vitamin-rich sweets are packed full of vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin A. These vitamins are essential in helping to keep your skin looking healthy, including your scalp and hair.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are a great source of fiber and protein essential for digestion and your skin health. They also contain zinc and iron, which promote hair growth.

Greek Yogurt

High in protein and nutrients, Greek yogurt is especially helpful for growing hair. It’s full of calcium, which helps your hair grow thicker and curlier.

What factors affect hair growth?

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As people age, their hair may grow at a slower rate and the texture may change. Some hair follicles stop producing new hairs, which can lead to thinning or loss of hair completely. This is mainly due to genetics combined with natural aging processes in your body as well as childbirth, stress, thyroid conditions that might be affecting you more severely than just your scalp health alone will fix it – so make sure no matter what diet plan you’re on for improving the condition of your locks – always evaluate its potential impact on other systems within our bodies first!

For those who may be suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, there’s a good chance that you’re simply lacking more than what you may be getting from your diet.

The hair follicles may need more nutrients to help keep them healthy and strong, which can lead to faster hair growth in some cases.

The rate of hair growth is going to be dependent on the hair follicles themselves, and what they need to keep growing new hair. Some people may just be blessed with hair follicles that are more nutrient-rich than others, and these types of hair follicles can lead to faster hair growth. While other people may be suffering from hair loss due to a nutrient deficiency, which can lead to slower hair growth and eventual baldness.


To avoid hair loss and keep your hair healthy, it’s important to eat a well-balanced diet. Make sure you’re getting the proper amount of vitamin D and healthy fats in your diet, as well as vitamin C for healthy skin and vitamin E to keep your hair shiny and strong.

Diet is important to hair growth, but so is exercise. Exercise promotes blood circulation to the hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth.